v0.8.0 - Revamping evaluation

22th January 2024

We’ve spent the past month re-engineering our evaluation workflow. Here’s what’s new:

Running Evaluations

  1. Simultaneous Evaluations: You can now run multiple evaluations for different app variants and evaluators concurrently.
  1. Rate Limit Parameters: Specify these during evaluations and reattempts to ensure reliable results without exceeding open AI rate limits.
  1. Reusable Evaluators: Configure evaluators such as similarity match, regex match, or AI critique and use them across multiple evaluations.

Evaluation Reports

  1. Dashboard Improvements: We’ve upgraded our dashboard interface to better display evaluation results. You can now filter and sort results by evaluator, test set, and outcomes.
  1. Comparative Analysis: Select multiple evaluation runs and view the results of various LLM applications side-by-side.

v0.7.1 - Adding Cost and Token Usage to the Playground

12th January 2024

This change requires you to pull the latest version of the agenta platform if you’re using the self-serve version.

We’ve added a feature that allows you to compare the time taken by an LLM app, its cost, and track token usage, all in one place.

Changes to the SDK

This necessitated modifications to the SDK. Now, the LLM application API returns a JSON instead of a string. The JSON includes the output message, usage details, and cost:

 "message": string,
 "usage": {
  "prompt_tokens": int,
  "completion_tokens": int,
  "total_tokens": int
 "cost": float

v0.6.6 - Improving Side-by-side Comparison in the Playground

19th December 2023

  • Enhanced the side-by-side comparison in the playground for better user experience

v0.6.5 - Resolved Batch Logic Issue in Evaluation

18th December 2023

  • Resolved an issue with batch logic in evaluation (users can now run extensive evaluations)

v0.6.4 - Comprehensive Updates and Bug Fixes

12th December 2023

  • Incorporated all chat turns to the chat set
  • Rectified self-hosting documentation
  • Introduced asynchronous support for applications
  • Added ‘register_default’ alias
  • Fixed a bug in the side-by-side feature

v0.6.3 - Integrated File Input and UI Enhancements

12th December 2023

  • Integrated file input feature in the SDK
  • Provided an example that includes images
  • Upgraded the human evaluation view to present larger inputs
  • Fixed issues related to data overwriting in the cloud
  • Implemented UI enhancements to the side bar

v0.6.2 - Minor Adjustments for Better Performance

7th December 2023

  • Made minor adjustments

v0.6.1 - Bug Fix for Application Saving

7th December 2023

  • Resolved a bug related to saving the application

v0.6.0 - Introduction of Chat-based Applications

1st December 2023

  • Introduced chat-based applications
  • Fixed a bug in ‘export csv’ feature in auto evaluation

v0.5.8 - Multiple UI and CSV Reader Fixes

1st December 2023

  • Fixed a bug impacting the csv reader
  • Addressed an issue of variant overwriting
  • Made tabs draggable for better UI navigation
  • Implemented support for multiple LLM keys in the UI

v0.5.7 - Enhanced Self-hosting and Mistral Model Tutorial

17th November 2023

  • Enhanced and simplified self-hosting feature
  • Added a tutorial for the Mistral model
  • Resolved a race condition issue in deployment
  • Fixed an issue with saving in the playground

v0.5.6 - Sentry Integration and User Communication Improvements

12th November 2023

  • Enhanced bug tracking with Sentry integration in the cloud
  • Integrated Intercom for better user communication in the cloud
  • Upgraded to the latest version of OpenAI
  • Cleaned up files post serving in CLI

v0.5.5 - Cypress Tests and UI Improvements

2nd November 2023

  • Conducted extensive Cypress tests for improved application stability
  • Added a collapsible sidebar for better navigation
  • Improved error handling mechanisms
  • Added documentation for the evaluation feature

v0.5 - Launch of SDK Version 2 and Cloud-hosted Version

23rd October 2023

  • Launched SDK version 2
  • Launched the cloud-hosted version
  • Completed a comprehensive refactoring of the application

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