Upgrading to the Latest Version

To upgrade to the latest version of Agenta, execute the following command:

docker compose -f docker-compose.gh.yml up -d --pull always

This command instructs Docker to fetch and use the latest version of the Agenta image.

Database Migrations

The steps below outlines the process for performing database migrations using Beanie with the Agenta backend system.

Beanie is a MongoDB ODM (Object Document Mapper) for Python. More information about Beanie can be found here.

Steps for Migration

Accessing the Backend Docker Container

To access the backend Docker container:

  1. List Docker Containers: List all running Docker containers with the command:

    docker ps
  2. Identify the agenta-backend Container ID: Note down the container ID from the output. Example output:

    CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                    COMMAND                  CREATED         STATUS         PORTS                                      NAMES
    ae0c56933636   agenta-backend           "uvicorn agenta_back…"   3 hours ago     Up 3 hours     8000/tcp                                   agenta-backend-1
    e35f6c8b7fcb   agenta-agenta-web        "docker-entrypoint.s…"   3 hours ago     Up 3 hours>3000/tcp                     agenta-agenta-web-1
  3. SSH into the Container: Use the following command, replacing CONTAINER_ID with your container’s ID:

    docker exec -it CONTAINER_ID bash

Performing the Migration

To perform the database migration:

  1. Navigate to the Migration Directory: Change the directory to the migration folder:

    cd agenta_backend/migrations/{migration_name}

    Replace {migration_name} with the actual migration name, e.g., v0_10_0_to_v0_11_0.

  2. Run Beanie Migration: Execute the migration command:

    beanie migrate --no-use-transaction -uri 'mongodb://username:password@mongo' -db 'agenta_v2' -p .

    Ensure to replace username, password, and other placeholders with actual values.