Agenta is an open-source platform that helps developers and product teams build robust AI applications powered by LLMs. It offers all the tools for prompt management and evaluation.

With Agenta, you can:

  1. Rapidly experiment and compare prompts on any LLM workflow (chain-of-prompts, Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), LLM agents…)
  2. Rapidly create test sets and golden datasets for evaluation
  3. Evaluate your application with pre-existing or custom evaluators
  4. Annotate and A/B test your applications with human feedback
  5. Collaborate with product teams for prompt engineering and evaluation
  6. Deploy your application in one-click in the UI, through CLI, or through github workflows.

Agenta focuses on increasing the speed of the development cycle of LLM applications by increasing the speed of experimentation.

How is Agenta different?

Works with any LLM app workflow

Agenta enables prompt engineering and evaluation on any LLM app architecture, such as Chain of Prompts, RAG, or LLM agents. It is compatible with any framework like Langchain or LlamaIndex, and works with any model provider, such as OpenAI, Cohere, or local models.

Jump here to see how to use your own custom application with Agenta and here to understand more how Agenta works.

Enable collaboration between developers and product teams

Agenta empowers non-developers to iterate on the configuration of any custom LLM application, evaluate it, annotate it, A/B test it, and deploy it, all within the user interface.

By adding a few lines to your application code, you can create a prompt playground that allows non-developers to experiment with prompts for your application and use all the tools within Agenta.

Next Steps

Getting Help

If you have questions or need support, here’s how you can reach us.