📝 Text Generation

Single Prompt Application using OpenAI and Langchain

Text Generation   OpenAI   Langchain  

Learn how to use our SDK to deploy an application with agenta. The application we will create uses OpenAI and Langchain. The application generates outreach messages in Linkedin to investors based on a startup name and idea.

Use Mistral from Huggingface for a Summarization Task

Text Generation   Mistral   Hugging Face  

Learn how to use a custom model with agenta.

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)

RAG Application with LlamaIndex

Sales   OpenAI   RAG   LlamaIndex

Learn how to create a RAG application with LlamaIndex and use it in agenta. You will create a playground in agenta where you can experiment with the parameters of the RAG application, test it and compare different versions.


⛏️ Extraction

These templates extract data in a structured format from an unstructured source.

Extraction using OpenAI Functions and Langchain

HR   OpenAI   Functions   Langchain

Extracts job information (company name, job title, salary range) from a job description. Uses OpenAI Functions and Langchain.