agenta init


The init command initializes a new agenta project. Users can define the application’s name and select the agenta platform host (either local or cloud).

This command creates a blank project in the backend and generates a config.toml file for configuration settings.

This command creates a project.toml file containing all the information about your project


When running agenta init you will prompted the following questions:

Project name

? Please enter the app name

Enter the app/project name

Agenta host

? Where are you running agenta? (Use arrow keys)
 » On agenta cloud
   On my local machine
   On a remote machine

Here you can select where the agenta platform is hosted.

  • Select cloud, in case you are using agenta cloud ( In that case you will prompted to enter your API key. You can get these from the agenta cloud configuration.
  • Select local machine if you are running the OSS version of agenta on your local machine (http://localhost)
  • Select remote machine, in case you are running the OSS version of agenta on a remote machine. In that case you will prompted to enter the remote machine URL.
You can skip the questions and initialize a new app in one line: agenta init --app-name test --backend-host
In case you are running agenta enterprise, please refer to the enterprise documentation on how to set up your agenta project

Start from scratch or from a template

? How do you want to initialize your app? (Use arrow keys)
 » Blank App
   Start from template

Chose blank app to start from scratch (write your own code) or start from template to use one of the agenta templates.