The Agenta CLI is a tool used to manage LLM app variants used in Agenta. It allows you to create new apps and deploy variants to the Agenta platform.

Create an application / project

To use the agenta CLI, first create a new folder for each project / application.

mkdir my_app

Next, initialize the project in agenta by running

agenta init

agenta init creates an empty project in the agenta platform (or populates it on one of the templates).

Write the code [optional]

Depending whether you initialized the project with a template or not, you may need to write the code for your variant. The code for your new variant in a .py file. The file should contain a function marked with the @ag.entrypoint decorator.

Here is an example

import agenta as ag

ag.config.register_default(prompt="Translate {sentence} to {language})

def translate(sentence:str, language:str):
    ### add here openai call logic

Serve the application

agenta variant serve

This command deploys a new variant to the Agenta platform. It processes the code in the specified folder, with as the entrypoint. This command builds a Docker image and deploys a container based on it. As a result, the variant becomes accessible in the web UI, allowing for prediction generation and API calls. The variant is named as myapp.default in the UI.

Overwrite an application

agenta variant serve --file_name --overwrite