This guide will walk you through the process of hosting Agenta on a remote server, such as an AWS EC2 instance, without utilizing Terraform.


Before starting, ensure you have Docker and Docker Compose installed on the remote server.

  1. Obtain the IP or Domain Name of the Remote Server

First, identify the public IP or domain name of the remote server. When working with AWS, you can obtain the public IP of your EC2 instance by running the following command:


For illustration purposes, let’s assume the IP address of our remote server is

  1. Set Environment Variables

Set the following environment variables with the appropriate values:

export DOMAIN_NAME=""

Note: We are using http instead of https!

  1. Launch the Agenta Server

Create a new directory for Agenta, then download the docker-compose file and start the server using Docker Compose:

mkdir agenta && cd agenta
curl -L -o docker-compose.yml
docker compose -f docker-compose.yml pull
docker compose -f docker-compose.yml up -d

Your Agenta server should now be running on the remote server. To check please open the URL in your browser (in our case